Joanne Miller, LSW, CMC, CSA

ASK…For Home Care, South Thomaston, ME

“I bought my house on the St. George River because of the simple, but spectacular yard that had been professionally landscaped. After years of my neglect and my (oh so not!) green thumb, it was starting to go to seed. When Jan came along, with his amazing knowledge of flowers and shrubs, plus his artistically inspired landscaping talent, it wasn’t long before he had restored my property to more than it’s original pristine beauty. I wanted a natural look with lots of color and Jan accomplished this masterfully. He has turned my home in to a haven.”

Vicky Watson

General Contractor, Falls Church, VA

“Jan’s knowledge of plants — perennial and annual, native and non-native, sun and shade-loving — helped us create a garden that matured into an oasis of flowering and non-flowering shrubs and trees. Each season presented blooms, sculpture or color. On the bleakest winter days, we have enjoyed a rich display of color because of Jan’s use of evergreens in varying hues and textures.

We have the luxury of being able to afford a fancy landscape firm. Not a chance! We trust and depend on the Tenants Harbor landscaping “Dutchman.” He is one man with one van and always right for the job.”

Sister Karen

The Pallottine Sisters, Laurel, MD

“The Pallottine Sisters in Laurel, Maryland, employed Jan Limmen as our convent’s landscaper and gardener for many years. He planted and cultivated countless trees, bushes, plants and flowers. His many accomplishments include designing and building a shrine to our founder, St. Vincent Pallotti. We have received numerous compliments on his work from the community.

“Jan is honest, reliable and hardworking. His work leaves no doubt that if you choose him you will not be disappointed.”