Blacktop’s Blooming!

Though we still have snow on the ground here in Mid-Coast Maine, we can finally see our streets and driveways. No flowers yet, but as one friend said last night, “the blacktop’s blooming!” Yes, in between a few early morning patches of ice, our roads are clear!

No one can deny that it’s been a long, very cold winter. Even so, we’ve had many bright and beautiful sunny days. And, as we sit in our cozy TV room, looking out at the sun glistening on water across Route 131, we feel fortunate that we live here, in Tenants Harbor, and not in Boston!

Spring will arrive one day soon…it has too! (Hopefully, while we’re away for 3 weeks, visiting family and friends in NJ, MD and FL.) And then, as mud season ends and we turn the calendar page to May, we hope to see daffodils and tulips blooming our gardens. We planted 800 bulbs last fall!  THINK SPRING!