Spring Coming Soon?

With temperatures still hovering near freezing overnight, it’s hard to say when spring will actually arrive on Maine’s Mid-Coast. To say the least, it was a crazy winter20160327_153401[1]. We had only one major snow storm with just one day of school cancelled for icy roads, but the weather see-sawed between cold weeks, unseasonably warm & sunny days, then freezing temps requiring down coats for Easter. It seemed (seems?) like Mother Nature simply cannot make up her mind!!

But the crocuses bloomed last week in our garden…the snow piles have disappeared…and we’ve begun to rake gravel out of the still-brown grass. Happily, we’ve seen cardinals in our rosa rugasa canes…and bluebirds have just made an early spring home in the birdhouse a friend purchased from us last year!  So…warmer weather can’t be too far away…can it?

Hope to see you soon in Tenants Harbor!